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Cessna Citation inspection, maintenance and avionics repair services.

FAA Part 145 Certified

Cessna Citation Maintenance Services

Thornton Aviation provides a variety of aircraft maintenance services to Cessna Citation owners and operators, including, airframe and engine inspection and repair, avionics fault resolution, and parts services. We can perform your aircraft’s scheduled inspections and take care of your unscheduled repairs. Our team of certified airframe and avionics technicians are specialized in multiple services such as engine, APU, airframe and avionics work.


Give our team of certified Cessna Citation airframe & avionics technicians an opportunity to exceed your expectations with solutions to your aircraft service needs.

FAA Part 145 Repair Station and Service Center

Thornton Aviation is an FAA certified Part 145 repair station for all Cessna Citation models.

Cessna Citation Airframe Services

  • Services for Cessna Citation 500 – 650, 680 and 750 Series

  • All hourly, calendar, major and special inspections

  • NDT/Structural X-Ray inspections

  • Comprehensive maintenance tracking

  • Manage landing gear overhauls

  • Structural corrosion, sheet metal repairs & modifications

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Windshield replacement

  • Manage aircraft painting

  • Pre-purchase evaluation

Cessna Citation Engine and APU Services

  • Compressor and turbine wash

  • Annual and 100 hour inspections

  • Borescope inspections

  • Troubleshooting and repair

Cessna Citation Avionics Services

  • Installation, troubleshooting & repair services

  • Terrain and traffic warning systems

  • NextGen upgrades (TCAS, ADS-B, CPDLC)

  • Digital engine monitoring

  • Glass panel avionics upgrades

  • Satellite, lightning detection and weather radar systems

  • WiFi, cabin and passenger entertainment systems

  • Cabin entertainment systems

  • Autopilot systems

  • Lighting upgrades

Cessna Citation Interior Services

  • Soft goods refurbishment

  • Installation of custom carpets

  • Air stair step-tread replacement

  • Custom thermal and acoustic insulation packages

  • Crew and cabin seat refurbishment

  • Safety harness re-webbing

  • Custom plating

We're ready to help.

Bring us your Cessna Citation.

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